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zuletzt bearbeitet am Mai 16, 2022

Die Konferenz 2022 findet als Hybrid Veranstaltung statt. Man kann sowohl Online als auch in Präsenz in Valencia teilnehmen.

Das Programm und die Referenten sind spannend und vielseitig.

Die Präsidentin der EMDR Europe Association Isabel Fernandez schreibt auf der Website:

Dear friends,
First of all, I would like to thank you for the incredible success of our Virtual Conference 2021. Nearly 2,000 colleagues from around the world gathered virtually to share ideas and experiences, to discuss the challenges of the future, and to create a wider and stronger network.
It was amazing to be together virtually in 2021, so being able to meet again in person is going to be even more thrilling: we are pleased to announce that the next edition of our Conference is going to take place both online and in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Valencia!
The 2022 Conference’s theme will focus on promoting resilience with EMDR. We chose this topic in a time when it is urgent to cultivate a proactive approach and reach out for people in need: as the risks of experiencing psychological stress are rising due to the Pandemic and the military situation in East Europe and its unforeseeable consequences, the prevention of long-term effects on the population’s mental wellbeing is crucial. Improving the capacity to cope with adversity, offering early intervention and access to adequate support should be an integral part of any containment and post-pandemic recovery plan.
Our keynote speakers, Christiaan H. Vinkers, Ignacio Jarero and Deborah Korn will help shed light on human resilience from disasters and complex trauma. A variety of workshops has also been planned for you to have the opportunity to expand your knowledge and network with the field’s leading professionals. I encourage all attendees to come together in a conversation with us on topics important to EMDR Europe’s mission, to discuss the impact of trauma and build community resilience in Europe.
I would like to personally thank the Conference Committee and all the people who are contributing to make this event a success. Joint efforts of the EMDR Europe team are vital to this organisation and to the development of EMDR therapy.
I look forward to meeting you all in June!
Isabel Fernandez

Anmeldung und Programm